A Celebration of Embarrassing Abundance
Nature ultimately bequeaths, to even the privileged, her fine order, a grotesquery of human artifice and design.

An Embarrassing Abundance; ORT Project

Definition of ORT: waste, scrap, a morsel left at a meal

ORT Project investigates our vices, our virtues and the natural (or Nature's) truths of life, death, and the struggle that lies between. This work asks us to confront our fear of the truth, our social veritiphobia—The conflicts between nature and self, privilege and obligation, constructs and reality.

Yesterday’s Shadowy Future combines unusual materials, influences and techniques; blending real objects of culinary rarity with facsimiles, paying homage to Flemish Paintings while borrowing from slick, contemporary, culinary editorials. Building the installation from scratch is at once a nod to classic methods while still relying on the modern practices of digital media.Yesterday’s abundance of riches becomes a buffet of decay: the party is over but the truth persists.

A Sin, A Final Course, No Antidote To Her Embittered Kiss alludes to a love story of original sin.  Like an alchemist transmuting faith into poisons, she beacons us to enter her lab of vice and virtue.





ORT Project is a collaboration between the artists, Oona Nelson and Anna Noelle Rockwell.


We chose to collaborate because of a long friendship, an ongoing artistic dialogue, and an admiration of each other’s aesthetic. Our collaboration is a cacophony of impediments that bring us to divergent outcomes. We want to beautifully make dark and ugly things that exquisitely complicated people love. Let us tempt you to enter into the dark with us.    

Oona Nelson, BFA, San Francisco Art Institute, MFA School of The Art Institute of Chicago. oonanelson.com

Anna Noelle Rockwell, BA, Anthropology and Fine Arts, Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont. Attended San Francisco Art Institute and Parsons School of Design, New York.  annarockwell.com



... As it happens.